Sunday, October 27, 2013
This is Masuko Jo.  She is super cute and works a lot with what appears to be gouache and watercolor.  Her work is super flat and her derpy lion in 'Odori' is adorable as hell.
Stephanie Pepper is an artist who is very popular on the internet.  Her style is very young and, well, stylish.  Her work is modern, feminine and attention grabbing.  I want her in comics too!
Monica Ramos is quiet, but will quickly overwhelm you with her numbers!  She works a lot with intense pattern, womanhood, and muted, uniform color.  She should design the interior of hardback books and fabric.
Courtney Billet-Deaux's composition is rock hard and very editorial.  Her colors are more prismatic, textured, and very print-like.  She has a really strong design sense, which I always appreciate.
The more I look at Sachin Teng, the more I like him.  His draftsmanship is very nuanced and modern, and he contrasts this with super graphic, abstracted elements in his compositions.  My favorite, of course, is the one where the tiger and kitten confront each other.
Deryl Feril is another very fashionable illustrator.  He designed images for all the major fashion houses including Chanel and McQueen.  His draftsmanship is also very nuanced and flowing and feminine.  Shocking color is also placed sparingly on stark black and white.
Jim Tierney does stunning book cover and typeface based art.  I like the flatness of his drawings and color because I don't like overcomplicated bull shit.  He has great design and composition abilities, but his work is still playful.
Jordie Bellaire is a comic artist primarily.  She mostly works in a modern off-shoot of the old comic style, but she's cooler than that because her work is more expressive and textural.
Joanne Nam's work is much more realistic than others.  Her compositions are static, but they show off the eerie deathlike/lifelife quality of her figures.  Her colors are also very washed out, adding to her creepiness.
Katie Anderson is a digital Mucha fan that translates art nouveau into the modern age.  This sensibility has informed her work with figures quite well.

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